About us

You’re not just a passenger. We’re not just a ride.

You’re not just a passenger. We’re not just a ride.

We are founded by a leading group of experts in the field of transportation services.

Ridelux was founded by New York based entrepreneurs with more than a decade’s experience in high-end transportation and tech startups. Aware of the gap in the luxury chauffeured vehicle market for a quick and intuitive ride setup, the team came together to create and deliver a straightforward and beautiful solution, allowing users to experience ultimate refinement from booking to drop off.

Our Story

Our Story

Owned and run by a group of transportation and tech experts, Ridelux was created as an easier and better way for passengers to book luxury and executive car services.

Operating initially from New York City, Ridelux continues to expand into other big and small cities in the region, and enlarging its fleet to better serve customers. Ridelux is ceaselessly focused on combining tech, professionalism, skills and top of line vehicles to provide the best possible experience for passengers who wish to ride in comfort and style.

With safety and commitment to quality as guiding values to assist our clients, Ridelux has become a renowned company for its reliable drivers and VIP rides, that go well beyond passenger’s expectations.



Providing the best punctual rides that not only reduce stress and afford extra time to our customers, but also enhance their daily or occasional experiences with high end vehicles.


Connecting passengers around the globe to local high end chauffeured vehicles in the most unique and seamless luxury transfers.

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Our Values

Providing the best car service possible for our clients is rooted in the core values that guide our daily efforts. We define ourselves by always staying true to those principles.

Always on time

Reliable drivers, planning ahead of passenger schedules, anticipating traffic, foresight in every transfer and timely adjustment to unpredictability.

The extra mile

Enthusiastic and service driven chauffeurs, dependable technology, proactive teams, constant pursuit to accommodate requests.


Dedicated to ensure quality, actively engaged in passenger and employee’s wellbeing and best interests, daily pledge to client satisfaction.


Experienced drivers who are alert to their surroundings, urban grid and interstate road knowledge, new, clean and properly maintained vehicles.